How to Save Webpage to Desktop with BookIt Desktop 

We all have the needs to save a webpage more or less. And there’s also multiple ways out there, as you can see from the article How to Save Webpage as PDF via Different Browsers, and How to Save Webpage for Later Reading. But let me tell you why you should try BookIt Desktop to save your webpage particularly to desktop.

Assume that you are gathering information about a certain topic, you will be looking for information from various websites. If you save them one by one as PDF or whatever form, your materials will look like a mess. You will have no idea how these materials are connected with one another. And when you read those files, you have to open them one after another. So this is when you should use such a tool as BookIt Desktop.

It can grab content from any webpage (webpages), and the entire webpage itself and compile them in a very readable PDF or ePub format for your digital handhelds or eBook readers.

Why save webpage to desktop using BookIt Desktop?

Keep reading to find out 6 reasons.

1. Save webpage to desktop with a simple click

Perhaps you have ever thought about this: click the title, and it’s saved. Well now you can do it. There are several tools as I know it can select links from a page. But they not just not so intuitive. With BookIt Desktop, you can see what you are saving on the desktop. You can decide what to select and what not to. And then you can decide their order in an eBook.

Besides, you can select webpages from various websites. This is also a function that most webpage collecting tools do not support.

Just click this shooting icon, and start your work.

how to save a webpage to desktop using bookit desktop
pick links to save

2. Organize your local HTML files together or with the content from the webpage in one book
the webpage in one book.

I used to have a lot file pieces that are somewhat related and I wanted to make them into one single file so that I can view them all together easily without looking after their titles one by one. With BookIt Desktop, I did it. If you’ve just had the same thought, take it a try.

add page from the web
ways of collecting webpages

3. Re-organize your ebook
Reorganize your generated books

If you want to save some great articles that are constantly renewing, or you simply want to add or delete some pages, you can go to history option, and click on that edit icon in the Action column. This will lead you to the book building page. It stores all your tasks unless you delete them.

check history tasks
history tasks

4. Save dynamic, login required webpages to your desktop

BookIt Desktop offers you three methods to fetch a page. For an ordinary page, you can choose http get. This is the fasted method. If the page you want to get a page that requires login, you can use chrome visible to login first. If it is a dynamic page, you can use chrome invisible. By using this method, it will open all the pages that you selected and will close the chrome window automatically after getting those pages. This is also the reason why you should not close the chrome window yourself.

webpage fetching methods
page fetching methods

5. Custom title, author, book description and cover of your eBook

You can decide how your books look like. Adding a title can make it easy to find.

fill in your book information and start to save webpage to desktop
build a book

6. Output PDF or ePub files.

PDF is easy for your to print, and ePub format is good for ereaders. If you output PDF format, you are allowed to choose its orientation, page size and gray scale.

how to save webpage to desktop
output format

If you like to read book reviews, here’s a book sample. The order of these articles follows that when you add them from the website. You can preview your content tree. And if you want to add or delete a certain page, you can click on the edit icon to replace the page URL.

preview the table of contents

If you output PDF format, the contents will be like the following.

how to save webpage to desktop--table of contents
table of contents

Open the book, you will see the article almost the same with the original.

ebook created by using BookIt Desktop
final book

How to save webpage to desktop? You have the answer.

If you want to organize your online content, or compile your local html files, using BookIt Desktop is a wise choice.

It’s time to get the webpages you have saved over years organized together into an eBook. This is how you can save them permanently while read them with ease.


You can also see a review of BookIt Desktop here.

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