5 Reasons Why I Suggest You this Tool

Do you want a web collector to save webpages online in bulk? Do you have a lot of html files stored in your local drive that you want to merge them into one? Do you want to import a file, split, edit and then export it into a new format? Do you want to create an eBook in seconds? Do you want to have all the functions I just listed in just one single tool?

If you say yes, and my answer would be: WeBooK

What it can offer

Save unlimited webpages across websites–web collector

WeBook saves webpages easily working with an extension. You open the WeBooK extension in Chrome when you have something to save. Click on the link, and the webpage is selected.

You are able to preview the page you’ve selected in real time so you don’t have to worry about that if there’s some pages missing. After previewing the selected webpages, click ok, and they are save to WeBooK.

Before the “reading list” came out, you might have saved some webpages in your Chrome bookmark. Now with a single click on WeBooK, you can view your bookmark list, and choose the pages you want to save to WeBooK. This means you do not need the WeBooK extension if you don’t do bulk-selections.

Manage and edit files with unlimited folders–file manager and editor

WeBooK automatically creates one folder for each file imported from your local drive and convert the files into html pages. You can create unlimited folders for your files, drag and drop to change it’s position.

As it has a search tool, you can search any file by keywords.

Click on any page, you can edit it’s content. Besides, if you choose to create an empty page, you can write your own content from scratch. This means it can work as a simple editor, which is enough for you as a writer.

Split and merge files–file splitter and merger

WeBooK can also work as a file splitter and merger.

As it converts all the imported files into html files, and creates a folder for each file, to split a file, you simply create a new folder, move the target pages and export a new file.

To merge several files, group the pages into one folder, or multi-select pages to export a new file.

Create ebooks in seconds–ebook builder

With all your files managed in one place, you can easily select the pages that you want to include in your ebook. You can also customize your book information, including the title, author, language, description, output formats and cover.

Support multiple formats

WeBook supports EPUB2/EPUB3/KOEPUB/PDF/MOBI/AZW3. This means you can convert between five types of files, which saves you money and time to do the work on multiple platforms. With these formats supported, you can view the eBooks on your Kindle without any converting work.


We have so many tools today that we don’t know which one should we choose. There are tools that work exclusively to save a single webpage, create an ebook, edit the webpage, convert files, and more. But we believe that, the ultimate goal of saving webpages is to learn. So we want to provide you a tool to help not waste your time on doing trivial things. We want you to read and create effectively.

So instead of saving webpages one by one, opening another editor to edit the content, using another converter to convert a file, and still another to make an ebook, you can use WeBooK to do all those work.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

Download WeBooK here

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