How I Convert and Edit 9 Different Types of Files into One PDF

I know there are many tools that help you convert several files of different formats to PDF documents at a time. But when you need to edit the file, you will have to use another tool. And although there are some free tools, with its limited free feature, you probably can only convert less than 10 pages or so.

So if you want to convert multiple files of different formats, and you also want to edit them before conversion, you will love this tool.

Probably you are wondering what are these 9 formats. Well, they are Html /Doc /Markdown /EPUB2 /EPUB3 /KOEPUB/ PDF /MOBI/AZW3.

And what you can export? EPUB2/EPUB3/KOEPUB/PDF/MOBI/AZW3. You can even expect to see more formats in the future.

Follow these steps to see how it works.

Step 1.

Import your files into WeBooK. All the imported files will be converted into html files. You can drag and drop to recompile the files.

Step 2. Edit your content. You can also choose to edit the content in professional mode.

Step 3. Choose a form to export your file. You can customize your book by adding a cover, author, book description, and so on.


As you might see from the screenshot, this tool is called WeBooK. This tool is specially designed for readers and writers. Now with this tool, you won’t bother to search for multiple tools to convert and edit your files. WeBooK has got all covered!

If you have some other amazing tools, welcome to discuss with me in the comment section.

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