The Best 100% Free Method to Turn Multiple Web Pages into an EBook

Are you looking to save articles for later reading but only to find that you can save one page at a time? Or do you find those that can save multiple articles complicated to use?

Well, you can say goodbye to those tools now.

You need only one tool, and that should be👇

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Why are you saving webpages? Why do you want to save them as an ebook? Because you don’t want to miss that content, and you want to read them on your ereaders anywhere, even without internet connection.

So the ideal way is to download these articles to your loacl directory so that you will keep them permanently, and to the best, pack those articles into a book that is easy for you to read and look up.

And BookIt Desktop does exactly what you want!

Only 3 steps

  1. Customize your book. 2. Select pages to download. 3. Export as an ebook. It’s this simple.

Customize Book Information

When you click on start, you can customize how your book is going to look like. This would be very handy when you want to look for an article for the next time.

Output PDF and EPUB Format

The ebook formats work with all devices that support EPUB and PDF.

Select Links with One Simple Click

Navigate to any website and select the links of your favorite articles. Within one click, it is saved to your desktop! If you want to save the current page instead of picking the links, you can click that “+” icon.

Nice Ebook Quality

For the ebooks it created, you can judge from the GIF that it is a nice readable pdf. And as you might know, EPUBS are better than PDF. So the page quality is not a problem.

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Rebuild Your Generated Books

What’s more, you can view all the books you’ve built, and if you want, you can rebuild them by clicking on that edit icon. This is extremly useful when your books are related to a article series. You can simply add the links to that book, and your book is renewed!

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Flexible Fetching Methods

In the preference section, you can set the page fetching method and output formats, which give you a lot of flexibility.

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Tell me. Is there any reason for not using this software with all the great services it offers? And most importantly for free?

You know the answer.


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